Public spaces vision for Surgut
Project year
Project role
Urban design, public space design
Construction association, Surgut administration
The main goal of the project was to find the favourable (currently active) spaces and develop a vision for public space network in the city.

I have been working on detailed visions for each of six revealed public spaces: 2 embankments/riverfronts, 3 big parks (including main city park) and 1 small park.
Team lead and chief architect presented the results of field study and gave us their ideas on public spaces of Surgut. I then made an additional distant research and started forming ideas for development of each public space, working closely with project architect Rita, who started to put our ideas on the plans/maps.

My main role in the project was to generate ideas for each of six spaces and work out in detail which functions and activity scenarios will be relevant in each of them, then deciding which built environment will be needed for those functions and scenarios. Together with Rita, we tried to discuss everything thoroughly to make every public space true to its roots, economically viable and also great to spend time in during any season for people of any age and interests. We also wanted to make each of places unique, that is why I came up with permanent art pieces that will be recognizable for each of the spaces — such as illuminated white fox, a boulder cut in half and illuminated from the inside. This will also help navigating the city and make meetings of people easier by creating new toponymics. You can see the proposals visualized above in the gallery.

I was responsible for the final visuals, so I talked to everyone who was involved in visualization of spaces and prepared briefs with explanations and pictures of how everything should look. I also did all descriptions of final proposals for our presentation.
Out vision has been approved by the client and taken into work as main guidebook for public space development in the future.
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