Greater Saint Petersburg
Project year
Project role
Urban mobility and urban design
Yabloko fraction of legislative assembly in Saint Petersburg
To create a relevant vision/strategy for Greater Saint Petersburg — a true outline of the city with adjacent territories, as opposed to administrative borders. Greater Saint Petersburg is the area where people that work, have fun and visit Saint Petersburg daily live. People that identify themselves as citizens of Saint Petersburg, not of Leningrad Region.

The main goal was to make both economic and spatial strategy for comfortable, safe and equal environment in Saint Petersburg.
During our time working on the projct I have researched and categorized mobility issues and the urban planning roots they spring from, also some local neighbourhood-level issues.

After that, by myself or during brainstorms, I've summoned tactical and strategic goals and visions for comfortable and safe streets and neighbourhoods as solutions for current issues. You can see them below.
We have produced a comprehensive plan for Saint Petersburg, right now it's only a matter of when active government will implement it or at least use it as a guidebook. The whole strategy for Greater Saint Petersburg can be found as presentation (unfortunately, only in Russian).
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